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Setup And Artwork

Although we cannot fit War and Peace on even our largest award, seldom do we have a problem setting up an award.  The more specific you are in your requirements the easier it will be to reproduce it.  We will always send you a proof and if we have any recommendations as far as layout is concerned, we will send them with the proof.

We prefer to work with vectored images such as an .eps, but other formats such as .tiff, .bmp, or .jpg are also acceptable if 300 dpi or better.  It is faster and cheaper for you to send your artwork via email rather than to mail or ship a disk or paper for us to scan.

We are a PC house, but we can open most Mac files.  We use 3 " diskettes, ZIP 100 and CD in addition to scanning in camera ready art.  If art is not camera ready, there may be an art charge in order to clean-up any art so that it will be crisp when engraved, screened, etc.

Fonts:  If you have a preference for a particular font, please specify the font.  If we do not have that particular font in our library, we will request that you send it to us.  If no font is specified, we will choose a font that we feel will go well with the design of the award and engraving.

Reorders:  We maintain artwork and layouts for a minimum of two years.  Reorder charges apply and assume no changes.